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Cooking Vacations

If you are interested in learning how to cook, or want to perfect your skills, Italy is the place to do it! 

We arrange much more than simple cooking courses; you will take part in the whole process of preparing your meals, including shopping locally for your organic ingredients - or hand-picking them from the garden! 

Private, hands-on lessons with professional chefs or extraordinary home cooks (in their kitchens!) make the experience more personal and unique. Learn family recipes that have been passed down for generations, as well as the innovative secrets which have led to a more contemporary interpretation of traditional cuisine. We can also include wine tastings and pairing lessons, so you understand how to select the right wine for every meal.

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For foodies, Tuscany is a dream destination

To complete this perfect culinary experience, we will organize excursions that focus on Tuscany’s popular food and wine culture, including visits to top wineries, gourmet shops, local farms and producers, and food festivals.

For foodies, Tuscany is a dream destination - NewTuscanExperience

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