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Option 18 - Brunello and Rosso di Montalcino (6 bottles)

Option 18 - Brunello and Rosso di Montalcino (6 bottles)


The Azienda Agricola Innocenti is a family-owned boutique winery located in Montalcino, the home of Tuscany’s most prestigious wine: Brunello.   

The estate, situated on a panoramic hill 350 meters above sea level, has 7 hectares of vineyards exposed to the south. A favorable climate, unique soil and the meticulous attention given to the vines result in top-quality grapes. The passion of the owners and their commitment to produce only excellent wines means that every bottle they label is a treat to drink. 

This winery is the perfect example of how quality over quantity is a winning strategy.

The package contains 6 (75cl) bottles as follows:

Brunello di Montalcino DOCG 2015 (3 bottles)

The king of Tuscany’s wines, Brunello is deep red with marked carnet hues. Made from Sangiovese grapes, its intense aroma is persistent, with a woody hint. There is a strong bouquet of berry, cherry and other sweet red fruits. This is an important wine, ideal for accompanying red meats, venison and mature cheeses.  

Aged 24 months in oak barrels, and bottle-aged for an additional 12 months. 

Rosso di Montalcino DOC 2018 (3 bottles)

Rosso di Montalcino is 100% Sangiovese. It has an intense red color and persistent aroma with a round woody fragrance, and notes of berry and black cherry. This full-bodied wine is delicious with any meal, but especially when paired with red meats and seasoned cheeses. 

First aged in oak barrels for 6 months, then bottle aged for an additional 6 months.

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